Molecular diagnosis and identification of novel genes involved in monogenic forms of diabetes and associated disorders

Research scientists and clinicians involved : Pascale Benlian, Amélie Bonnefond, Dominique Eladari, Philippe Froguel, Louise Montagne, Pierrette Perimenis, Anne Vambergue and Martine Vaxillaire


A major part of our activity is to identify monogenic forms of diabetes and related disorders including kidney diseases, cardiovascular disorders, and severe obesity.

After a whole-exome sequencing (or augmented whole-exome sequencing like CoDE-seq that enables the accurate detection of CNV [copy number variant]) of patients via our platform EquipEx LIGAN (dedicated to next-generation sequencing), we first look for pathogenic mutations within known genes (according to the literature). In this regard, we are implementing a quality management system in our platform EquipEx LIGAN in order to accurately follow the requirements for the molecular diagnosis of rare genetic disorders.

If the primary diagnosis is negative, then we look for new genes by detecting mutational burden in cases (by using for instance the UK Biobank or the 1000 Genomes project as control populations). Then, we perform integrative functional analyses of candidate genes and mutations, notably in collaboration with others teams from EGID.




Related major publications of the team since 2015 :

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