TEAM – Metabolic functional (epi)genomics and their abnormalities in type 2 diabetes and related disorders

The team “Metabolic functional (epi)genomics and their abnormalities in type 2 diabetes and related disorders” is headed by Amélie Bonnefond (




Our project stems from the genetic and/or genomic investigation of patients with a metabolic disorder including type 2 diabetes, obesity, lipid disorder and/or kidney disease.

In the patients with a suspicion of monogenic disease, a molecular diagnosis is systematically performed. If it falls on an actionable gene, a genomic medicine is directly applied. If not, we aim to identify new monogenic forms via genomics and functional biology.

In polygenic forms, we investigate cohorts of patients through large-scale systems biology studies or integrative biology studies, using holistic methods of genomics, metabolomics and proteomics, as well as complex bioinformatics and statistics. In particular, we analyse the regulation of gene expression, in various tissues and organs. The goal is to identify novel drug targets or drugs. Furthermore, through these studies, we try

1/ to improve the characterization of patients in order to stratify them in more homogeneous subgroups, towards precision medicine, and

2/ to improve the prediction of metabolic disorders in order to prevent their occurrence.

This task is done within our new National Center for Precision Medicine PreciDIAB.


The team’s research axes are : (follow the links for more details)